Sunday, June 26, 2011

Home Coming!

It's been seven full days since I flew back into Australia. It seems, like always, to have flown by, feels like I was never in UK. Jet lagged kicked my butt on Sunday and Monday. I actually woke up at 12:30am Monday and could not get back to sleep after only three hours of being in bed. So that was the start of my day which lasted a full 20 hours of being awake. That got me back in the time zone & on track pretty quick. It was tough, I was literally falling asleep at my desk at 2:30pm, images on my computer screen were dancing!

As I was awake, fully fed and watered I headed to 5:45am yoga. I had a great class. I've only been gone two weeks and there were new faces there. The early classes are usually full of the usual regulars, we're quite a team. It was nice to see some newbies join us. I nearly had to wait for a shower as well! I've had the place to myself for months.

It was so nice getting back in my home studio. No stinky carpet, nice air flow, heat coming from the ceiling rather than being blasted from all angles. No weird drafts. I cruised through, no drama's, after being awake so long it felt like technically it was for me, an afternoon class. After my struggles in the UK it reminded me I can do this but I shall not forget my struggles as I'm sure they will be back ten fold in September.

I took this week easy, my last chance I'm guessing for about five months to take an elective day off. I practiced Thursday 5:45am. It didn't go as smoothly, my balance was off a bit but my focus was there and not once did I want to sit down or take a drink. 

The feeling of coming back to your comfort zone is awesome. It's nice to go away but home is a lovely place to be.

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