Saturday, June 4, 2011

A letter from America

On my last night before I flew out I got a letter from America. It was my receipt and official dialogue book for Training. It didn't look a lot to say how much money I'd spent. A stapled wad of A4 copy paper. I dunno was I really expecting a gold plated, diamond encrusted file or something?!! I have it, it mines and I'm in. This book must be guarded and not given to anyone or left unattended. It's fully copyrighted and must not be changed or altered in any way. I agree, everyone needs to pay the money in order to obtain a copy, can't be giving these things out for free to anyone!

This made it a lot easier to break the news to my parents. Even though I knew I was in and going after I got my email confirmation, having the paper version made it feel more official. 

My parents were so cool, they didn't freak out and I think they were kinda expecting it. Another crazy adventure! It's been a while since I last had one so I'm due it. They've known I've always had an interest in teaching of some sorts and this will fill the slot. They were more worried what my Man was gonna do for 9 weeks with out me. He's having a two week trial run right now and he'd spent up to a month with out me quite a few times in the past. He'll be right, as us Aussie's say!

The Holy grail of BYTT, full payment receipt & my dialogue - for my eyes only!


  1. yay! yay! yay! i got my email confirmation the other day! so excited!!!!!!

  2. yay congratulations!!!!!!!! California here we come..... ekkkk