Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Travelling Yogini...

Happy New Year Sweaty Adventurers! Hope life is treating you well and you have your smiling happy faces on? Thought I'd drop by & say hi. The above is from my festive trip to SE Asia, us yogini's are such losers busting out yoga poses left, right & centre. Even more so as I finally have got my head on my knee after nearly 3 years. Slowly, slowly does it. 

A year into my teaching adventure and I'm finally 'getting it.' I heard the other day you don't ever fully get it but I'm happy with what I've got now. It was wonderful the day the dialogue was spilling out my mouth whilst my mind was totally focused on something else. (A student's alignment of course!! ;-)) "Oh this is what they mean when you get out of your own head." Love ah ha moments, there are so many. I have forged my own style which is forever evolving by bringing a little 'me' in - same song different voice type of thing. I've definitely mellowed out since I first started teaching. It's not about do or die. Nurture & respect yourself & your body, mind & soul will reward you ten fold.

In more exciting news I am very honoured to be part of a shiny new adventure or venture more like. It's staying wrapped up for now but it's not far off launching. So if you enjoyed reading my ramblings on here you might like to join me in the new place. It's more aligned with what I've been working on over the past eight months. I'm bursting to share but you'll just have to wait a little while longer. 

Until then, stay safe, happy & shine your light - you are brighter than you may think x 

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