Monday, July 16, 2012

Bikram Yoga Victoria Park

Official Launch poster

It's official Bikram Yoga Victoria Park, Perth is OPEN TODAY!!! First class is at 12pm TODAY, followed by 4pm & 6:15pm. Get down there if you can. Easy to find it's right next door to Officeworks & Red Rooster on Shepperton Road, see map.

The studio is beautiful. This is only a 'soft' opening which means there won't be all the notice boards, pictures on walls & full retail on offer this week. Don't worry plenty of coconut water, drinks, towels and mats available. Fully functioning big, spacious showers and changing rooms too. Loads of parking round the back - 80 spots. Please respect the neighbouring businesses and park out back/side not in front of the actual studio. Thank you!

The heating system is state of the art. The best yet, no cold/hot spots, no vents to hang under ;-) All round consistent heat & air through out. We practiced there yesterday and it's all in fine working order. Best class heat/humidity wise I've taken in ages, very safe. I have to say the carpet is very non slip too, so no excuses for sneaking those feet onto you towel in Triangle! Amazing fancy new head set too, (no over the ears, under the bun malarky!) it's very Beyonce! Everyone will be able to hear the instructions clearly & crisply. 

The grand opening weekend is August 5/6 th. There will be door prizes, food and drinks after the 9:30am classes both days. 

Please come along and support this lovely new studio, it's a great addition to the East Perth community. See you all there Friday night!

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